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Jake's Gatekeeper Editors Trip to Turkey

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Follow the links to audio interviews, galleries and videos

Jake Ellison was invited Summer 2008 to join the Gatekeeper Editors Trip to Turkey by the International Reporting Project at The Johns Hopkins University.

These Web pages are an experiment in raw reporting. Political, military and cultural leaders in Istanbul, Ankara and Diyarbakir discuss their country's past, present and future. The content was all filmed, photographed, recorded and produced by Jake. The meetings were arranged by the IRP.

Because the individual posts are so media heavy, Jake is listing only the links to the posts and each one's content on this first page. Follow the links in order and you'll get the experience I (Jake ...) got racing from meeting to meeting and city to city in this culturally amazing country.

LINKS to the media:

DAY ONE Istanbul, 9-15-2008: Audio from Henri Barkey on Ottomans and Turkey's current politics and culture; photo gallery and video

DAY TWO Istanbul, 9-16-08: Audio from Ferhat Boratav, Ishak Alaton, Ethem Sancak, and Selcuk Yorgancioglu on business and culture; photo gallery and video

DAY THREE Istanbul and Ankara 9-17-08: Audio from Ahmet Davutoglu, Hugh Pope, Soli Ozel, Mithat Bereket , Yavuz Baydar, Zafer Atay; photo gallery

DAY FOUR Ankara 9-18-08: Audio of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Egemen Bagis, Onur Oymen; photo gallery

DAY FIVE in Ankara 9-19-08: Audio of Mehmet Gormez and Ayse Sucu on religion, and retired military officers; photo gallery

DAY SIX in Diyarbakir 9-20-08: Audio of region governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu and mayor Osman Baydemir with opposing views on Kurds; photo gallery and video

DAY SEVEN in Diyarbakir 9-21-08: Audio of Kemal Uyanik and Village Chief Mehmet Altan; photo gallery and video

DAY EIGHT in Istanbul 9-22-08: Photo gallery and Video of Underground Cistern

DAY NINE in Istanbul 9-23-08: Audio of Rober Koptas on Armenians and Sabanci University students on culture, politics and youth in Turkey, plus talk with a family; photo gallery

DAY TEN in Istanbul 9-24-08: Audio of Ezel Akay, director and filmmaker; Huseyin Karabey, independent filmmaker; Harum Tekin, rock musician; photo gallery and video of Hagia Sophia and Grand Bazaar

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